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Qingdao Zhongli Fan Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, with a registered capital of 15 million yuan, specializing in the production of air conditioners and home fans. Currently, there are more than 40 injection molding machines, and the production capacity has reached 150 million yuan. In 2016, Qingdao Wanyou Zhongli Fan Co., LTD invested 40 million yuan to establish Qingdao Wanyou Zhongli Fan Co., LTD. In June 2019, the company moved to the new plant at No. 17 Xiangjiang Road, Shanghai Cooperation Local Economic and trade Cooperation demonstration zone. It is close to Qingdao port, Qingdao ? Bank, Jiqing, Tongsan Expressway and Qingdao International Airport, with convenient transportation. Plastic parts, plastic company is a professional engaged in air conditioning fan, the fan of metal research and development, production and sales of the professional manufacturer of fan, since its inception in October 2009, the registered, rapidly expanding scale, the domestic fan industry market, complete with plastic fan, the fan of metal, plastic parts processing, mold the development of manufacturing industry chain, In the new product development, quality control, production scale and other aspects of the industry has a leading advantage, the company mainly produces fan products (eddy current, axial flow, centrifugal, irrigation, etc.) and plastic products (air conditioning parts, auto parts, etc.), variety, complete specifications. The company has more than 200 employees, among which professional and technical personnel account for 30%, with a variety of fan manufacturing equipment and advanced technical testing equipment. The company's main customers are hisense Hitachi, Hisense air conditioning, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Haier and other well-known enterprises, the products are trusted by users, is a rising enterprise in the industry.

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The technical ambition enterprise that provides high performance home electric fan
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The company spirit of "sincere unity, good faith work, forge ahead, hard work" purpose, in the cohesion of all kinds of talent at the same time, constantly beyond the self, strive to improve the corporate image, create unique own characteristics and have a permanent vitality of the corporate culture, to achieve sustainable and harmonious development of the enterprise.
Three core advantages Sustainable industry development
Industry precipitation, rich experience

Qingdao Zhongli Fan Co., LTD., founded in October 2009, is a professional sales and service provider for air conditioner fans. Its main customers are hisense Hitachi, Hisense Air Conditioner, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Haier and other well-known enterprises. Its products are trusted by users and it is a rising enterprise in the industry.
Strictly abide by quality inspection checkpoints, excellence

The company's professional and technical personnel account for 30%, with a variety of fan manufacturing equipment and advanced technical testing equipment. With strict product inspection standards, control product quality from the source, products are regular product testing reports, and have a large number of spot inventory, factory direct sales.
Perfect after-sales system, for your full service

To exceed customer expectations as the goal, in good faith management as the criteria, we have established a pre-sale, sale, after-sales one-stop complete service system, can provide door-to-door service, for the sold products are dedicated service, speed to solve customers' problems.
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